Economy Kit

Economy Kit

15 Boxes • $18 in Supplies • 22 cu. ft. of Packing Space


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You’re used to a small space. Maybe you’ve moved four times in three years and you have everything on lockdown. Maybe your new job has allowed you the luxury of being roommate free. We understand the lifestyle of moving quickly and moving often. You’ve pared your things down to the essentials and now you’re ready for a big change. This economy moving box kit is perfect for those moving a studio apartment, dorm room, small office or even a dark room. Fifteen moving boxes are made even sweeter by the fact you get to order online, saving you a trip to your local UHaul, Lowes or Home Depot. Which is great because you didn’t have to speak to anybody directly and you have the peace of mind your moving day supplies will show up quickly to your front door, or house boat or condo office. While you’re placing your order online, you add mattress bags to your cart for the perfect order.


Small boxes are perfect for packing your heavy and drawer items. Pack that snow globe grandma got you in 1997 protected by the included bubble wrap. Mark it Trinkets, Knickknacks, or Fragile with the black box marker and know exactly which box to open first when you arrive at your new destination. The medium sized boxes are great for packing your kitchen and board games. Packing tape included secures your boxes for safe travels but not strong enough to motivate you to read that Organic Chemistry book you’ve been carting around. Oh well, there’s room in the boxes and one more move with O Chem won’t hurt. We understand your cargo is precious if not valuable. This economy moving box kit is economical in cost and high on value.